"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve." Napoleon Hill

Teaching Philosophy
I believe that every student has the ability to understand and do well in math as long as they maintain a growth mindset and believe in themselves. I will do my best to teach math in such a way as to make it understandable by all students.

Math is best learned by understanding fundamental concepts and not memorization. Students need to question at the concept level and understand as they go along as getting behind leads to frustration and failure.

In my classroom, every student should be prepared to:
1. Ask questions
2. Take notes
3. Not disturb class
4. Participate
5. Do the homework every day
6. Get help when needed
7. Do retakes when needed.

Calculator and Supplies
Algebra 1 & 2 - TI83/84 Graphing Calculator. They may be purchased at school or store. They may also be rented for a yearly $25 fee. They are rented for no charge to students on free and reduced lunch.

AP Calculus - TI84/84 and TI Inspire CASS graphing calculators. The Inspires are rented by the school for $25 for the year or are free under free and reduced lunch.

Applied Math - scientific calculator. The school can rent a scientific calculator for no charge. Ten dollars will be owd if the calculator is not turned in. The student should have and use the same calculator all year because different calculators work differently.

Homework will be most days where a lesson is given to help the student practice and reinforce the concepts to be learned. The homework is done for the students benefit and not for the teacher. Taken seriously, homework can be a great help in the learning process. I expect the student to use their notes and to look at answers if given to the odd numbers to do their homework correctly. The student should get help before the end of the day if they do not understand.

I will grade the homework by completion and on random days I will collect the homework to grade and to look for effort. There may be some days that I do not check homework.

Late homework may be turned in before the end of a unit for full credit and after the unit test for 50% credit.

Quizzes Algebra 1 & 2, AP Calculus, Applied Math
Quizzes will be given after each concept is taught. Quizzes may be retaught and retaken for no penalty for up to 2 retakes and the highest grade will be posted. There may be multiple quizzes given per week and the student must stay on top of retakes or risk getting behind. Reteaches and retakes may be taken before school, during advisory, after school, 2nd period, 5th period, or during lunch.
Tests Algebra 1 & 2, AP Calculus
The test will be given at the end of a unit (chapter). The day before the test will be used for review/test prep.
Tests Applied Math
Tests will be given at the end of a Unit (Chapter). The day before will be used for review/test prep. The test may be retaught and retaken for a better grade. Reteaches and retakes may be taken before school, during advisory, after school, 2nd period, 5th period, or during lunch.
Absence Policy

Many of the lessons are not tied to the textbook and missing days will be difficult to keep current. It is the student's responsibility to make up any missing work including taking quizzes and tests. All makeup work must be done outside the regular scheduled class time. I will have copies of missing work in a folder and the student should pick them up before or after school.

Contact and Help
E-Mail: ertel.richard@gcmsk12.org

Phone: 784-4292

Textbook site for Algebra 1 & 2: www.myhrw.com
Name and Password on inside cover of textbooks

Hours: 7:30-4:00 Monday Wednesday, Friday
6:30-4:00 Tuesday, Thursday
2nd Period daily
Advisory Mon., Tues., Thur., Fri.
3:30 - 4:00 Monday - Thursday, later if needed
All times subject to change for meetings and activities which are posted weekly in room.

Tutor is available Tuesday and Thursday in Library when available.

Best websites for help: Khan Academy, Wolfram Alpha, www.bigideasmath.com